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Our Vision and Mission

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The vision of the Helvetas network is a just world in which all people determine the course of their lives in dignity and security, using environmental resources in a sustainable manner.


Helvetas’ mission is to help disadvantaged people and communities in developing countries.

Incorporated in the state of Minnesota, Helvetas USA's mission is to strengthen relationships between the Helvetas network and strategic partners in the United States.

Together for a better world

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, the world seems an extremely fragmented place. Parts of the world and of global society are enjoying rapid technological progress, an expansion of political freedoms and economic growth, while other parts are suffering from increasing poverty, the erosion of opportunities in education, and sometimes even growing violence and human rights violations. Many development challenges remain in the new millennium. Against this widening gap between a few rich people and the many poor, Helvetas sets out its vision of a society that:

  • Ensures that the basic needs of all people are met and that they can live a life in dignity and peace;
  • Guarantees all people the right of self-determination and allows them to participate in shaping their social and political environment;
  • Manages its natural resources in a sustainable manner;
  • Is based on organizations and institutions that adhere to the principles of accountability, transparency, quality and efficiency.

Helvetas’ development projects are designed to improve the living conditions of people from disadvantaged communities in a direct and sustainable manner, to build capacities so they can take control of their lives, and to have the skills, resources and opportunities to secure decent incomes.

As Helvetas works with disadvantaged and poor communities, our work continues to focus on meeting people’s material needs. People shouldn't suffer from hunger. They should have access to appropriate housing, clean water and sanitation, health care and schooling, as well as decent salaries.

However, development is not all about quantifiable material results. We strive to empower the people we work with, by promoting better living standards, emancipation, political freedom, legal security and peace.

Annual Report 

As multiple global crises unfolded, Helvetas supported 5.1 million people last year. We continue to focus on long-term development cooperation while growing our emergency aid to those who need it most.
Helvetas - a partner for true change
Truly changing lives
Change takes place where people have decided to break new ground. Teófilo Caraballo is a prime example: He made it possible for his family to drink clean water from their own tap.