Nilza Tina de Paulo (29) is learning metal construction. | © Helvetas / Ricardo Franco

2021 Annual Report

07. July 2022
© Helvetas / Ricardo Franco

Fair opportunities should not be a matter of chance. That's why Helvetas stepped up its commitment to helping people in 33 countries make their way out of poverty in 2021. Thanks to record contributions, last year Helvetas connected 4.8 million people to essential services for healthy lives, educational offerings for brighter futures, and the information they need to be engaged citizens – as shown in detail in our 2021 Annual Report.

How did Helvetas support 2.6 million women and 2.2 million men worldwide last year? We get involved where local and national actors lack the capacity to meet their development needs. Helvetas works closely with the affected population, the local private sector, local authorities and partner organizations.

  • Ensuring basic needs: Last year, more than 3.3 million people gained access to water, sanitation, hygiene, better nutrition or natural resources, and benefited from higher harvests or improved climate resilience.
  • Creating job prospects: In 2021, Helvetas enabled around 644,000 young women and men to access schooling and vocational training, and supported them to find a job or become self-employed. In addition, 14,600 small and medium-sized enterprises have gained better access to markets and created jobs for disadvantaged people.
  • Strengthening self-determination: In 2021, more than 93,000 people learned how to demand their right to basic public services or resolve conflicts with Helvetas' support. Over half a million women and men were supported to plan their labor migration safely, responsibly and profitably.
  • Alleviating hardship: Last year, Helvetas provided emergency aid to over 205,000 people after disasters. 

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