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Strengthening State Strategies for Climate Actions

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Together with different partners, Helvetas seeks to provide the Government of India a model to plan, coordinate and implement climate actions in three states across the sectors of agriculture, water resources and forestry.

  • Project Name
    3SCA India
  • Project Phase
    2017 to 2019
  • Funding
    This mandate is funded by UNDP
  • Thematic focus
    Environment and Climate Change
    Skills Development and Education
    Knowledge and Learning

Short description of mandate

This mandate seeks to provide the Government of India a model to plan, coordinate and implement climate actions in three states and across three sectors (agriculture, water resources, forestry) for being able to address its commitments at the global level. It strengthens the state systems towards improved coordination of the activities and facilitates implementation of defined climate change strategies.

The specific sectors per state are as below:

  • Madhya Pradesh: groundwater use in agriculture
  • Sikkim: water resources, forests and disaster management
  • Uttarakhand: water resources, forests, energy and disaster management

The mandate is implemented in partnership with CSD engineers, CDE Bern, South Pole from Switzerland and ICSD, CITRAN and Acwadam from India. A number of Helvetas advisors from different working areas are involved in providing services.

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Priorities and main activities

Inception, establishment of the partnership and progress on the following outcomes:

  • Capacities of state authorities to plan and implement SAPCCs enhanced in the three states
  • Climate Change Cell strengthened for coordination of Climate Change Actions
  • Capacity of sectoral departments to address climate change in planning increased
  • SAPCCs operationalized and communities benefit from climate actions in the three states
  • Address climate vulnerability of the water sector implemented in states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Sikkim
  • Strengthen natural disaster management in mountain ecosystems implemented in Sikkim and Uttarakhand
  • Promote renewable energy in the public sector implemented in Uttarakhand
  • Address climate vulnerability and opportunities of the forest sector in Uttarakhand and Sikkim implemented
  • Approach and experiences of the project gained national and international visibility
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